Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Recipe Update and 5k Update

Yesterday evening was my first attempt at a vegan meal. I cooked black beans and corn with brown rice toped with salsa and avacados. It was amazing! I cannot even begin to describe how amazing this meal was. My daughter ate it, but it definately wasnt her favorite. However, today for lunch I cooked a califlower soup, and she loved it! It had califlower, potatos, green onion/white onion, and celery. I was shocked that she finished her bowl, twice!
Then tonight, I had planned on cooking regular spegetti. When I went to walmart, the soy meat was actually cheaper than regular hamburger meat, so I bought it instead. So I made vegetarian spegetti, but we wont eat it until later tonight. However, I did have a small sample and it was also pretty good!
So 3 vegan/vegetarian meals have been a success so far. I have been praying for God to open my eyes to healthier food, give me the organization and patience to fix these meals for my family, and to give him the credit for every sucess I have with my health and fitness. This is something that I am doing for my family, that I feel called to do. God may not be calling you to switch your lifestyle in this area, and that is ok. God has a different calling and purpose for everyone, and my calling is probably not yours. However, I do feel led to share my experience with others, in case God is calling you in this direction.

I also have a 5k update. The 5k in Paducah on April 21, 1/10000 5k has been canceled. I have found another 5k in Mayfield on April 14, and I will put that information on here later tonight.

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