Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fork Over Knife

So, its been a little while since I have blogged..
I've ran 3 times this week. Each time it was only 2-3 miles a time. My goal was to at least run 6 miles one day this week, but it didn't happen. My shins have been killing me everytime I run the past two runs. I hope I don't have shin splints. So I'm taking a few days off from running, taking tylenol and icing my shins to see if that helps the achiness and pain. The 10 k is saturday, 6 days away and this setback has me (really) nervous.
On another note..Jason and I watched a documentary this week called, "Fork over Knife". Basically, it was a documentary about the research of a plant based diet. I have to admit, I was very skeptical before watching this ( and so was Jason!). But we sat down after the kids went to bed and watched it together.
The claim that the movie made was we needed to cut out meat, dairy, and eggs from our diet. Ok, if you're going to tell me to cut out those three things, I want some good reasons why. And wow, did they give some good reasons. 25 + years of research to be exact, from different people, all coming up with the same conclusion. Diets high in red meat, dairy and eggs led to higher chances of cardiovascular health problems, and was linked to cancers, like liver cancer and prostate cancer.
Ok, so that's all well and good, but I work out almost 5 days a week, so I should be in pretty good shape no matter what I eat, right? Nope! Prime example: My grandad exercised all the time, very physically active but had a diet high in meat, dairy and eggs.  A year ago, he went for a simple procedure and ended up having triple bypass surgery because he had over 90% blockage in either 2 or 3 of his main artieries. He had never been in the hospital since the day he was born, and the Dr. said he would have most likely died suddenly from a heart attack had they not caught it by the pretest from another less severe procedure he was having done.
I also bought the book " Engine 2 Diet", which also recommends cutting out meat, dairy and eggs for your diet, for all the same reasons as the movie we watched. After reading the book, I am determined this diet style is the best for my family.
I would love to say that my husband is 100% on board with it, and that we cleaned out of refrigerator, and now we are a happy little vegan family. That's not the case. This is going to be a huge adjusment for us, and it's going to take time, for both of us. This week, I have tried to slowly cut out my MDE's. Like for example, instead of meat 3 meals a day, I'm down to 1-2. Opting out of cheese on my sandwich and skipping a glass of milk in the morning, and getting calcium through food like spinach and kale.
Now, while Jason isn't totally on board, he is trying to meet me in the middle. For example, 2 meals I am cooking this week are from the Engine 2 Diet recipe section in the book. Black beans and rice with avacados one night, and califlower soup another night. We'll see how this goes, but I encourage everyone to at least check out the movie. Its already on streaming on neflix.

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