Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Vegan Burgers

One thing that I love to eat is a cheeseburger. Im not really a big meat eater anyway, but a BBQ cheeseburger from somewhere like Cheeseburger Paradise or of my biggest weaknesses. Or a Jack Daniels cheeseburger...yumm. So this morning I decided to try to cook a "vegan" hamburger. I tried " Candle Cafe Brown Rice and Lentil Burger". Candle Cafe is a vegan restaurant in New York City.
One thing that really sucks about living in the midwest, is that it is so hard to go out to eat and find food that is considered "vegan". Even if I find a vegetarian dish, it's usually covered in cheese of some kind. So I find myself doing pretty good during the week, but eating alot of meat on the weekends. I wish there were more health friendly restaurants around here.
Back to the burger. It consisted of Brown rice, lentils, chopped onions, green peppers and garlic. I baked them, and they were delicious! Even my husband and daughter ate them. My husband's response, " Well, they're not aweful, they're ok". They really did have a wonderful flavor.
Another thing I have been worried about is that this whole vegan experiement would get a little costly. I am actually suprised at how cheap it has been! My burgers I made today cost less than a dollar for each burger. Soy meat, and tofu, is actually cheaper than other meat. Soy yogart is also the same price as regular yogart. Soy milk is also about the same price, maybe a little more, but not much. I really love the Engine 2 book, it gives so many recipes with every day ingredients that you could find at places like Walmart, Krogers, and Aldi's.
Tonight, I am attempting Tofu Steaks. This will be my first time cooking Tofu, and I am a little nervous at how it will taste.

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