Saturday, April 28, 2012

And the results are in!

Before telling you about my race..let me back up and talk about two things that happend this week.

Wednesday, I decided my stepdad and I needed a practice run. So we ran at my parent's house. Their house is back in the country, on a long, winding, hilly road. So we sat off for a three mile run. I have never ran a harder trail than I did at my parent's place. OmG! I was exhausted by the time I reached 2.5 miles. Also, our time wasn't very good for us either, 37 minutes. I was devistated, almost to the point of tears. I just knew this would be the race that I wouldn't beat my previous time at.

So Thursday comes and after class I went over to the big consignment sale at the RSEC ( opps, CFBS center) to check out some deals for the kids. My friend Jessica was there at her 31 booth and she introduced me to someone she knew working the sale. This girl ( Im terrible with names, and faces, which really sucks!) saw my 5k tshirt and we got to talking about running. She had just done the Murray Half Marathon last weekend. We were talking about it, and she mentioned Jeff Galloway. Now, I knew he had taught a running class before the Half, but I also knew it was something I didnt think I would be interested in. Sometimes, I just want to slap myself for not knowing anything about anything.
Turns out, this girl took the class and she said it was AMAZING. She learned so much about running, and she increased her time by 5 minutes the next day at the race. So when I went home, I googled him to see what all the fuss was about. Apparently, this guy strongly believes in taking walk breaks while running. He swears it helps performance. So, while I was looking at this website, I called my dad to talk it over with him. Previously, the only running training I had looked at was C25k and Hal Higdon, both of which are really good.
So, Jeff has this calculator on his website where you put in your one mile pace. Then it tells you how many minutes you need to run and how many you need to walk to increase you pace and finish the race in as good of shape as you start out in. According to his calculator, I could finish the 5k at 32:42. This would beat my last 5k which was 33:31.
The whole way to the race this morning, I debated on if I should try his approach or not. Finally, dad and I decided what the heck, we'll try it. So we ran the entire race 3 minutes running, 1 minute walking.
My ending time 33:00. Pretty darn close! AND..I beat my last time. But the best part is ...My stepdad ran his first 5k in 32:36!! Pretty awesome!!! We both couldn't get over how GREAT we felt after the race. Much better than how I usually feel.
So God answered my prayers, I had a good run, dad finished extremely well. I had the most fun at this race! Can't wait for the next one. Oh, and maybe..just maybe Jeff Galloway has given me the boost I needed in order to start training for a half marathon. I really think I can do this!
P.S Here is a link to his website
Thanks for reading,
God Bless!
Phil 4:13

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