Monday, April 16, 2012


I am all about setting a goal then achieving it. Since working out, the scales have stopped at 135. I can't loose weight no matter how hard I try. I can count calories, work out for hours, forbid myself from eating carbs, whatever it is, I've tried it and it hasn't worked. So, I'm just going to forget the scales for a while. I'm going to concentrate on working out, getting fit and staying HEALTHY. Tonight, I am going to a Power Pump Class. Since starting kickboxing, I have found that I love lifting weights. When I first started, the heaviest weight I was using was a 5lb weight. Now, I am up to alternating between 5, 8, and 10 lb weight. To most, this isn't a big deal, but to me, its pretty big!

Another goal I have is a ten hour endurance run in June. You can run as much or as little as you want. Another cool thing about this run is that its at night, from like 8 pm to 6 am. My goal is anywhere between 6-8 miles. You don't have to run the entire 10 hours, and I don't plan too. I will post a link to this race sometime today!

I'm also doing a 5k on April 18th. Its for Relay for Life. Then, the next weekend there is a 5k in Sedalia called Run for The Roses. It starts at 8 am, with a kids run at 9. The registration fee is 15 dollars if you preregister, 20 on race day. I'm thinking about running this race also!

If you have noticed Im not on facebook, I deleted my account until after finals. FB tends to distract me, especially when I have as many papers and projects as I do right now.

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