Friday, June 1, 2012

Chalean Extreme Day 1

Along with keeping progress with my running, I thought the blog would be a good motivator and place to keep record of my attempts at Chalean Extreme. I bought this program from Amazon, partly because making it to kickboxing at the gym hasn't been happening lately. Between Ava's tball games, 5k's, and being out of town, it's hard to make it, plus my gym only offers it three times a week. So I researched the beachbody programs. I really wanted to do Insanity, but I know my body isn't up to it yet. So I thought this one would be a good starting point, plus I really want to try to get better at lifting weights, which is the focus of this exercise.
When it came in the mail yesterday, I really took the time to look over everything. I looked at the nutrition, calorie counter and recipes. I also really liked that it came with a journal that you can record your progress. I took the challenge and did the "before " pictures. Wow. Some people look into the mirror and see themselves as fatter than they really are. Well, I think I have the reverse effect. My legs, they look pretty good thanks to almost 7 months of dedicated running. My arms are small, but they always have been. However, my mid section, belly, abs ( or lack there of) WHATEVER you want to call it, definitely is not proportionate to the rest of my body. No amount of money could persuade me to put those before pictures on the blog. But it was definitely a wake up call that I need to get serious. If my legs can look tone after 7 months of attention, what can the rest of me look like with a little help?
So onto Day 1 of Chalean Extreme. It was 35 minutes long, which I thought was perfect. Today was Burn Circuit 1. I mainly worked on upper arms and thighs. My muscles were sore afterwards, but not exhausted. I think this is because I need heavier weights. The heaviest I have are 8lbs; Thankfully my aunt is going to let me borrow her 15 lb weights.  
I'm also going to try to stick with the diet part of this workout. It has me on a 1300 calorie a day diet, eating five small meals a day. I had oatmeal after the workout for my breakfast and some water. My goal is to also drink as much water as possible, and little to none soft drinks.
Encourage me along the way, please. I'll need as much encouragement as possible to actually stick with this. Thanks for reading!
Phil 4:13

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