Monday, June 4, 2012

Chalean workout 3

This is the 4th day of chalean extreme, but the third workout because after day one, she gives you a rest day. The first two days have been pretty easy, intense weight lifting but not alot of cardio. But she made up for it tonight with the 45 minute cardio session/weight lifting. OMG. I am so exhausted I can barely type this. My arms are burning and my legs are like jelly. This woman is for real. So far I have lost about a half a pound, setting at 136. This has been the number that I can not get past. My goal is to not look at the scales until at least sometime next week.
One other thing to mention, and I will try to post pics at a later date; The 5k my stepdad and I did this weekend. Dash for the Dogs 5k. Dad came in first in his age group and I came in 3rd in mine! It was the first time I have ever placed in a race, and it felt pretty good.
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