Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A week and a half into CLX

So now, I am a week and a half into Chalean Extreme. I have to say, this program is going really well! I believe its the combination of both the diet and workout, but I have lost around 6 lbs so far. This puts me one pound below my pre pregnancy weight with Jameson. I still have around twelve pounds to loose, but there's hope because there are about 75 days left of this program!
One of the best things, is that I am loosing weight  in my stomach, my major problem area. This is because I have drastically cut down my carb intake. Not only do I notice the difference, but my husband does as well! He told me last night that he was really proud of me for sticking with it, and that even thought it hadn't been very long, he could see results. THAT is motivation right there for me to stick with this!
Running has been put on the back burner right now. I was trying to do both, or run on my days off from Chalean Extreme. It was wearing me out, so I just decided to focus on this, and pick back up on the running in a few weeks.
One thing I have noticed is that I am really gaining muscle. My legs, which I thought had definition from running, seem to be toning up more. I've also noticed my arms seem to have more muscle as well, but they have a long way to go.
Some people have texted me asking about my diet and what all it contains. I stay on a 1300 calorie diet. That leaves little room for fast food and candy bars and ice cream! The carbs I do eat, I eat for either breakfast or lunch, so I have time to burn them off throughout the rest of the day. Supper is a meat and vegetables. I eat fruit for snacks when I am hungry. I also buy bag salad and keep it in my house, stocked fresh at all times. This way, when I am feeling hungry, I go to the salad and use a light, oil based dressing with few calories. Usually I can make a salad for less than 100 calories. Keeping the salad in the house has been a craving saver! It helps me resist the urge to go for the ice cream or pecan swirls that my husband loves to keep in the house.
That's all for now. Thanks for reading!
Phil 4:13

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