Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day one of Push

Today I started Push circuit 1. The point of this exercise is to lift heavier than you did during the burn phase. Since the heaviest weight I used in the last circuit was 8 lbs, I bought 15 lbs for this one. The first workout was only 32 minutes long, but it was intense. You go for 6-8 reps instead of 12, but you are hopefully doubling the weights. My arms were spent by the end of the workout, and my heart was pounding when I was finished. It felt like I just finished running. I love that I can use 15 lb weights now, even though it was incredibly tough. I know by the end of the this phase, the 15 lbs will be a peice of cake. This workout is amazing, and worth every penny. So, if you are considering buying it, but hesitant about putting the money into it, I say go for it. I researched for a couple of months before I finally broke down and bought this system, and I'm so glad I made the investment. Thanks for reading, and I hope to keep updating the blog as I  continue the Push circuit. As for running, I had originally said I would start back up as soon as my summer classes were up, but the weather has been 105-109 all week, so Im waiting for a break in temperature before getting back out there. Thanks for reading
Phil 4:13

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