Friday, July 6, 2012

End of Push Week 1

Today I will finish the last week of the Push circuit. My muscles have been pretty sore all week, but I am proud of what I have accomplished so far. Chalene wants you to fail between 6-8 reps, and most of the time I can only make it to six this week. However, I can tell that I am getting stronger with every workout. What I love the most about this workout is there are 8 DVDs and most have between two to three workouts per DVD. You never get tired of doing the same thing because you never actually do the same thing. Your workouts are constantly changing, and your body is not getting used to the same ole workout. Today I will do the cardio workout, which is one of my favorites.
I have also bought some protein powder. For the first time, I feel extremely hungry after lifting, and I wanted something low carb, high protein to use post workout. I went to GNC and bought their lean shake 25. It has 17g of carbs and 25g of protein, compared to 30g of carbs in their regular lean shake. I plan on replacing one meal a day, and using this after I workout as a healthy snack.
One more thing. It has been a little over a month since I have regularly had a soda of any kind. I feel so much better after giving them up. Example, in  my first summer class in may, I would have to have at least one sundrop, coke, etc to make it through the class. By the end of the two weeks, I had a headache that lasted three days and I looked exhausted. Just last week, I finished the last set of my two week summer classes, and I actually took two classes instead of just one like I did in May. I didn't drink much caffeine, only a cup of coffee a day or two during the whole two weeks. I also made sure I stayed on my diet, and didn't snack on candy or chips. I was able to finish the classes without the exhausting headaches, and I continued to loose weight like I had been. During my first summer class, I put running on the backburner, but with these classes, I made a point to keep exercising at least 3-4 of the 5 days a week I was in class. I actually did better in these classes than I did in May. In May, I finished the class with a B, and in June, I finished both classes, which were higher level classes with A's, and in one class I made a 100. Exercise and healthy eating helps in every aspect of your life! From having more energy with my kids, to being able to perform better on the job, at school, whatever you do, I promise if you commit to a healthy diet and exercise of some kind, you will see all around improvements in your life.
Thanks for reading and encouraging me!
Phil 4:13

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