Friday, July 13, 2012

Half way through the PUSH month

After today, I will be halfway finished with the PUSH month. It's still just as hard as it was during week 1. I probably should have bought 12 lb weights instead of 15, but hopefully it will have paid off at the end of the month to do the 15! Push circuit 3 is my favorite so far, I love that workout! Its legs, chest, and shoulders and I find myself being able to go to 8 instead of having to stop at 6.
6 weeks into this workout, and I have lost 14 lbs! This is partly because of the workouts, but also equal part changing my diet. Fast food has almost completely been eliminated from my diet, except for Subway. Subway has been my go to fast food restaurant when I am too busy to cook. Usually I can eat an entire meal for under 400 calories. I have also cut out soft drinks completely and six weeks later, I can honestly say that I do not crave a Sundrop or Dr. Pepper. I also try to not eat bread or pasta after lunch. However, I do make sure that my breakfast and lunch both contain carbs. Alot of times, people will cut carbs out of their diets completely, loose alot of weight, then gain it all back after they reintroduce carbs back into their diets. With this diet, carbs are still a vital part of my diet, I just modify what time of day I eat them, so I have enough time to burn them off. Supper is usually loaded with vegetables and a meat.
Yesterday, I went shopping with my best friend. We went to the mall and tried on so many clothes. This has been a torture for me for the last 4 years because of belly fat, not being able to find clothes that fit or look right on me. As a result, I barely buy clothes for myself and my closet has been in serious need of a little TLC. But yesterday for the first time, I was able to shop without leaving the mall totally depressed. I even bought myself some new outfits that I can not wait to wear. My best friend was such a awesome motivator for me while I was  trying on clothes. It felt so good to leave the mall with a few things for myself. This is a drastic change from back in May, when my husband took me to Nashville to go shopping for mothers day. While waiting for him to bring the baby back from the bathroom, a woman came up to me and complimented my "maternity" dress and asked where I bought it, because her daughter was having a hard time finding cute maternity clothes and was due in a few short months. I was speechless. Needless to say, it put a damper on the shopping trip, but prompted me to make the investment in Chalean Extreme. Maybe that was the push I needed. Needless to say, I feel better than I have in years, and I am so thankful to be on the road to a much healthier lifestyle. Thanks for reading!
Phil 4:13

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