Saturday, July 28, 2012

PUSH completed!

Yesterday, I finished my last exercise in the push month. I will be taking after pictures for beachbody and my own records, and will probably post them on here as well. Total weight loss 18 lbs :) Now for maintenance, and the lean stages. Next month will be both lean circuit and a mixture of training for the half. I went for a two mile run yesterday for the first time in almost two months. The run was surprisingly easy, but I did wake up sore this morning. Today is my off day from exercising, but I may try some yoga since my legs are so stiff and sore.
I'm using the Jeff Galloway half marathon training plan. His plan consists of several walk breaks to help decrease your risk of injury. Based on my running pace, I run 3 minutes and walk 1. I really like this plan because I'm not totally exhausted when I finish a run. For me, it makes running more enjoyable.
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Phil 4:13

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