Sunday, July 29, 2012

Shakeology VS GNC Lean Shake?

For the past few weeks, I have been using GNC Lean Shake as my post workout snack. I've tried the banana, french vanilla, and chocolate peanut butter. I love them all! They are so good and surprisingly very filling. I used them as a meal replacer when I was loosing weight, and it did help me with the last 4-5 lbs that I needed to loose. Its also handy that the GNC store is literally 2 miles from my house. GNC has great sales, and I could have 2 shakes a day for about $4 total. 
My beachbody coach, who is (almost) vegan recommended  shakeology as a post workout meal. A few months ago, I tried to switch my family to a more vegan lifestyle. Unfortunately, it didnt last very long. Well, the shakeology now has a vegan option, so by using this shake, I could ensure at least one vegan meal a day, which is more than I am doing now. I'm still thinking it over, weighing the pros and the cons. Anyone who knows me knows that I do my research about EVERYTHING. Its the inner geek inside of me. 
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