Thursday, August 16, 2012

Running, Calories and a Journal

I've been at the gym more these past two weeks, and trying to run at least three days a week. I wanted to start something new to help me get ready for the half. I'm going to be journaling my running, including distance, time, etc. Recently, Jeff Galloway tweeted that runners who journal their experience are more likely to be lifetime runners. That is what I want to be, a life time runner.
I already journal my food intake, and that has made a huge difference in my diet. Not loose 10 lbs diet, but diet as in eating style. I don't want to write down that I had a king size payday or a big gulp icee. So I usually opt for something a little healthier. I keep them on notecards so I can look at what I ate throughout the week.   Journaling works, guys. It holds you accountable and you can actually see what it is you are eating. There's little room for, "mindless eating" when you make the decision to keep track of everything that goes into your body.
I havent decided if I am going to journal on my blog, or just write it down at home. Probably a mixture of the two. I haven't ran past 3 miles yet, and I was really hoping to be at 4 or 5 by now. So hopefully this will help me out, and if you are beginning to run, I hope this is some helpful advice for you as well.
I will also be posting upcoming 5ks in our area as well, so look forward to that also!
Thanks for reading
So I run-but not without a clear goal ahead of me. So I box-but not as if I were just shadow boxing. 1 Corinthians 9:26

Friday, August 10, 2012

update on this week

My Lean circuit DVD broke this past week. I'm not sure if it came that way, the kids got a hold of it or what, but it skips on each exercise now. Beachbody is replacing the DVD, so I've kinda been on my own this week. I've gone to the gym a lot, weight lifted and done some of the burn circuit DVDs. So technically there are three weeks left in this program, but between the DVD issues and training for the half, I'm not sure how much of the lean month I will actually get to do.
At the gym I have been focusing a lot on biceps and triceps. When I was in the burn month, I quickly realized these are my weaker muscles. So my focus has been on these two muscle group recently. I've also been running between 2-3 miles at a time. I have a 5k next weekend, and I am looking for a 10k to around September or early October in order to train.
I REALLY want to start another beach body program as well. I loved the results I got with Chalean Extreme. I'm thinking about starting another program around October, and just do my own thing until then. I'm debating between turbo fire, and the Les Mills workout program. Since Extreme, I love lifting weights, and the Les Mills program would be a continuation of that. However, if I did the Turbo Fire, I could still incorporate Chalean Extreme, since there is also a hybrid program. Decisions, Decisions. Ultimately, I will probably leave it up to my husband, since he will be the one buying it since it will be my birthday present :)
I'm still maintaining my weight, and trying to eat as "clean" as I possibly can. This morning my kids and I made "green" smoothies with kale, banana and apples. It was very good!
As always, thanks for reading my blog!
Phil 4:13

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Baking my life away

Yesterday, I spent the majority of my afternoon in the kitchen, baking, baking, and baking some more!

The protein bars that I made were very good!! I froze the bars in my freezer so that we would have them for a while. I also made flax seed crackers. They had a very good taste, but I should have rolled them out and made them flatter when I baked them so they would be crunchier like an actual cracker. The awesome thing about the flax seed crackers is that you can make any flavor you want. I stuck to basil and garlic to be safe this time, but I cant wait to try my own version of sundried tomato and basil next time I bake these.
The final raw food creation I made yesterday was a spanish rice without the rice! Cauliflower was used instead of rice, along with avocados, tomatoes, green onions and a wide array of spices. The recipe is below this post. It was surprisingly very good! I made a huge bowl that was more than I could eat. The entire bowl was a little over 300 calories. It was a great way to get full without going overboard on the calories.
I want to start cooking more "raw" meals, but I am also trying to be realistic about it. Right now, our family is moving at a slower pace, so I have less responsibility and more time to cook the things I would like to cook. But when we are both gone 10-12 hours of the day, its hard to want to come home and cook up foods like the spanish rice that took a little longer to prepare. So I'm going to go at it gradually, maybe one or two raw meals a week? Its honestly amazing what these raw chefs can do with a bunch of vegetables and spices, you would be amazed! This link here has some amazing recipes, but some are kind of difficult and time consuming. You could also just google raw recipes for whatever vegetables you have on hand.
Thanks for reading about my crazy journey! Hope you enjoy the recipes as much as my family and I did!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Spanish rice made with califlower

I am so excited to try this recipe! I love spanish rice, but this is made with cauliflower instead of rice, making it more nutritious because you are getting an extra dose of vegetables! Below is this recipe link. If I do make this recipe this week, I will be sure to update the blog and let everyone know if it was a success or not.

Flax Crackers

This is an awesome recipe for Flax Crackers. This is actually my first ,"raw" recipe to cook and it is super easy!

Homemade protein bars

I love post workout snacks, but I hate paying three dollars for a protein bar. So I decided today I would make and freeze protein bars to have on hand, especially with school starting back up. There are tons of recipes out there, but I tried to use recipes with little sugar ( I substituted Agave Nectar for the sugar in the recipes) and looked for recipes that used protein powder, since I have plenty at my house. My goal is to make and freeze as many healthy, on the go snacks as I can so that I can stay healthy when I'm on the go. I also plan on making snacks with flax seed and oats as well. Even though these snacks are a little high in calorie and carb, they can be a great lunch, paired with a banana or cup of berries. Here is a link to one of the recipes I used today.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Early Morning workout

This morning, my alarm went off to get up to exercise and just couldn't get up. I tried to go back to sleep for twenty minutes, finally getting up to go to the bathroom to turn my alarm off. I've been trying to put my alarm in another room this week so that when it goes off, I at least have to get up to turn it off. I finally got up, turned off the alarm, slowly put my sock and shoes on and went to the den to put in my dvd. I finished the workout, made some coffee and read my daily devotion.
Devotion here at (
Then I went about my day, getting the kids up, fixing breakfast and talking to my husband before he left for work. Then it hit me..I mean REALLY hit me. Why is it so hard for me to get up and get moving in the morning? When I wake up at six, exercise either alone or run with my good friend, have my quiet time with God, my day goes so much better. I am one of those people who admittedly like my "me time".  Which, was no problem when I was a mommy to one. But now that we have another, me time is nearly impossible, or so I thought. My me time activities vary between shopping, exercising, or just wanting an hour or so to crawl in my bed and read a good book without being uninterrupted. But having time to myself just wasn't possible when I would sleep until one of them woke me up. Then, I would hurry to get them both dressed, fed, grab a quick shower and try to accomplish everything we had going on that day. I would end the day exhausted, snappy, and feeling defeated.
So why do I constantly fight my alarm clock waking me up an hour early when in reality it makes everyone happier and things run better as a family? One word my friends, DEVIL. I realized this morning that it wasn't me who wanted to sleep in every morning, (I usually get at least 8 hours of sleep!) but it was the devil. You see, when I don't take time for myself first thing in the morning and have my time with God, the devil has a stronghold on my day. He knows I will be more impatient with my kids and my husband, that I will stress out more and be more anxious about things that I have no control over.
It wasn't by luck that I happened to stumble across this blog today either.  This wife was talking about a conversation she had with her husband about how she could be a better wife. She suggested things like keeping the house clean, having home made meals for him, etc. His response was this "Thanks, but I would rather have you put aside anything/everything you have to do in order to start each day with the assumption that I LOVE YOU, and therefore anything I do or say is given the benefit of the doubt that I LOVE YOU.
 Get enough rest and say no to enough activities so that you have the energy to be NICE TO ME (and the kids) when I’m home."
 This really hit home with me and God spoke to me in a different way than the authors probable intended meaning of her blog. I need to take care of myself first thing in the morning, my workout time and my time with God, so that I can devote the rest of my day to serving my family and others. I need to remember this when  school starts back as well. By taking the first hour of my day for me, I can give the rest of my time to my family, and be a better mom and wife. Thanks for reading today, and please pray for me that I can work on this area of my life. Knowing that taking time for myself (working out, shopping,tanning) is not selfish, but to prioritize it so that I can better serve my family. Also pray that no matter how hectic my life can get, and even if getting in "me time" first thing in the morning is not an option that day, that I can continue to always start my day off in some way by taking time with God.
Phil 4:13