Friday, August 10, 2012

update on this week

My Lean circuit DVD broke this past week. I'm not sure if it came that way, the kids got a hold of it or what, but it skips on each exercise now. Beachbody is replacing the DVD, so I've kinda been on my own this week. I've gone to the gym a lot, weight lifted and done some of the burn circuit DVDs. So technically there are three weeks left in this program, but between the DVD issues and training for the half, I'm not sure how much of the lean month I will actually get to do.
At the gym I have been focusing a lot on biceps and triceps. When I was in the burn month, I quickly realized these are my weaker muscles. So my focus has been on these two muscle group recently. I've also been running between 2-3 miles at a time. I have a 5k next weekend, and I am looking for a 10k to around September or early October in order to train.
I REALLY want to start another beach body program as well. I loved the results I got with Chalean Extreme. I'm thinking about starting another program around October, and just do my own thing until then. I'm debating between turbo fire, and the Les Mills workout program. Since Extreme, I love lifting weights, and the Les Mills program would be a continuation of that. However, if I did the Turbo Fire, I could still incorporate Chalean Extreme, since there is also a hybrid program. Decisions, Decisions. Ultimately, I will probably leave it up to my husband, since he will be the one buying it since it will be my birthday present :)
I'm still maintaining my weight, and trying to eat as "clean" as I possibly can. This morning my kids and I made "green" smoothies with kale, banana and apples. It was very good!
As always, thanks for reading my blog!
Phil 4:13

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