Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Time!

Yesterday, my little family and I sat out on an adventure to run together as a family. I was doing my monthly 5k and this time, Ava did the kids one mile run. We signed up for the BBQ on the river United Way 5k in Paducah. 
To start, as usual I still get butterflies in my stomach the morning of a race . I woke up at 5, got ready for the race and packed Jameson's diaper bag because he was going to stay with my soon to be sister in law. Then I got Ava ready, and finally Jason woke up. We left and headed to Paducah.
When we got to the race, I started my Lady Gaga playlist. Somehow that is the music I always stick with on race days, and thankfully my friend Meghan had just put 1400 new songs on my ipod for me. She is great! 
So I started the race, and I decided this time, I would run at least 2 miles, then if I got tired I would walk for 30 seconds to a minute after the two mile mark. 
As I approached the one mile mark, the time said 8:45. I thought, that could NOT be right. I have never in my life ran a 8:45 mile! That, along with adrenaline had me super excited. So I kept on, running with a ridiculous smile on my face. Then, two mile came up and they said 18:00. I was still in total shock. Then I got to thinking, "omg, if I don't stop, I could actually run this thing in under thirty minutes". So, as tired as I was, I pushed on. I could tell around 2.7 miles I was starting to slow down. Finally, when the finish line was in view, I saw 28:?? and my second wind came into place! I knew I had to finish under 30! So as I passed the finish line, I saw 28:40. 
Today, I am extremely tired. That race, along with running about 8.5 miles this morning for my long run has made my legs extremely sore. It has taken every bit of energy I have to go to church, come home and clean and do homework most of the day. But, I am thankful that my body has aloud me to train this much, and I am ready to get to the point where I can run 13. Thanks for reading
Phil 4:13

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