Friday, October 12, 2012

Alot of changes!

Normally, I don't post this late at night, but I am excited.
When I started Chalean Extreme back in May, I looked at the beach body coach information they had available. But I thought I was just starting out myself, I wanted to make sure I could actually commit to this stuff, without having other people relying on me at well.
Fast forward 3 months later, I FINISHED chalean extreme, lost over 20 lbs and gained so much confidence in myself. I feel confident when I shop for clothes, I feel confident when I teach, and I feel confident that I am doing something right when I go to the gym.
After finishing Chalean Extreme, I wanted to give the at home programs a break and focus on training for the half. So, that is what I have been doing for the last month and a half, just lifting at the gym, and running.
Now, the weight on the scales hasn't changed very much, I vary from 116-120 lbs. But, over the past few weeks, my diet has sorta been slipping. I'm not getting in as much veggies, and I am snacking on chocolate and other snacks a little bit more than I should.
This week has been a major game changer for me. I was starting to get the " I wanna do another program" itch. And, beachbody was having a HUGE sale on REV ABS for only 29 dollars. So I researched the program, purchased it, and shakeology.
If you remember a few months ago, I did my research between shakeology and the GNC lean shake. I stayed with the lean shake because initially it was cheaper and more easy to buy. But, as I started doing more research, I kinda got a little concerned. There were so many chemicals in the lean shake. That started to freak me out a little bit, especially since I like to consume as little processed foods as possible. The shakeology doesn't have fillers like other shakes. And, it's not so much of a protein shake as it is a health shake. The health benefits really out way the extra cost.
And, speaking of extra cost, let's face it...workout programs can get expensive. I love the beachbody programs because I can see results from them. If you stick with it, the programs work. And now with shakeology, I could really use a little bit of discount on these things.
The final reason I became a coach is the most important one. I want to pay it forward. My coach that I have had since beginning this workout journey has been wonderful, a true God send! She truly cares about the health and well being of those she coaches. She has made this journey easier for me. AND, she has never pressured me into buying anything, or getting another program. I want to coach others out there the same way she coached me.
So, here is the really fun part. You guys can help me by letting me coach you. What I am asking you guys to do it totally FREE. Basic club membership, which is what I have been using for the past several months is totally, 100% free. I need people to coach! If you want to order a workout program or shakeology from me, that is fine, but that is not what I am asking you to do. I need as many friends as possible to log in, and let me help you, like she has helped me.

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