Thursday, October 11, 2012

Finally trying shakeology

FINALLY!! I have been wanting to try shakeology since I started Chalean Extreme. But to be totally honest, the cost was scaring me away. I am a full time college student, with two kids. Money is...tight! So what made me take the leap?
The breakdown of cost. The break down is 4 dollars a shake. Which, equals 4 dollars a meal. I spend at least 5 every day at lunch now, about 7 or 8 if i splurge for sushi, which is very rare, but usually, about 5 dollars for lunch. So that's already one dollar more than I would with a shake. 
Next, even though I am maintaining my weightloss, and working out daily, I have noticed I am starting to feel sluggish. Its hard for me to get out of bed sometimes. I get tired in the afternoon as well. My diet is ok, healthier than some of the people I am around, but it's still not GREAT. I splurge on the occasional cookie, pie, a margarita here or there. I need something to keep me accountable.
Did I mention I am SUPER busy? Which, was one of the reason I thought at first I didn't have time for shakeology. 2 kids, 19 hours of college, a husband, student organizations, substitute teaching, plus training for a half marathon. Whew!
But it's getting hard to eat healthy all the time. I need something that I can grab on the go, I need something I can fix in less than 5 minutes. that! 
So I ordered it today, and I'm giving it a try. It should be here by next week. I will keep you guys up to date on what I honestly think about this product. Thanks for reading, God Bless
Phil 4:13

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  1. Good going, girl! Great reasons, and great blog! I am so glad you are taking the leap! Can't wait to see how much better you feel! And I am SOOOO GLAD you shared your blog with me...I love it!!!
    Big Hug,
    (yoga teacher, Beachbody Coach, sister in Christ!)