Saturday, October 13, 2012

Getting ready for REV ABS

If you read my blog a few months ago, then you followed me with my experience with Chalean Extreme. I love LOVE LOVED that workout program. You completed a different phase every thirty days, which meant 1) you didn't get tired of the same, mundane routine, and 2) you would see different results every thirty days. Most articles that I have read say that in order to achieve results and not plateau, change it up every month. So now, I am starting Rev Abs.
Honestly, I would have probably not bought Rev Abs as a first choice workout program. But, since Beachbody had such an awesome sale, I couldn't pass up a chance to save over 70 bucks.
So, this is my beginning post. Hopefully it will arrive at my house sometime this week. I plan on updating my blog once a week, like I did when I started Chalean Extreme. I hope you guys will keep up with me, it really holds me accountable when I know people are reading what I have to say about it.

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