Thursday, December 20, 2012

St Jude Half Marathon

So, its been almost three weeks since the half marathon, but between end of the semester projects and finals this is the first day I have had time to actually post about the race. I started getting butterflies in my stomach that Thursday night . Friday morning, I packed our bags, double checking that my Ipod was there every five seconds. After Jason got off work at lunch, he packed his things, we took the kids out for lunch, then finally got on the road by 3 that afternoon. We drove about two and a half hours to Memphis, went straight to the Cook Expo center to pick up my packet and buy my first half marathon sicker and t shirt. If it said half marathon on it, I shamelessly bought it. Thankfully Jason was as excited as I was about this, so I didn’t get too many snarky remarks from him.
We checked into the hotel room, met with some friends and went to a nearby restaurant to get a good meal before the race. Our waitress was ridiculously trying to flirt and acted like an idiot the entire time she waited on us, which was pretty humorous, but annoying at the same time. I decided I needed to rest, so we went back to the hotel around 9:30, set the alarm for 5 and I literally fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.  
The next morning, I woke up pretty easy, took a shower and as silly as this sounds, I put my makeup on before the race. I hate my uneven complexion, so I usually wear foundation all the time. And, like every other woman I know, I have to have my mascara. As soon as I put my makeup on, I dressed, and went downstairs to catch the shuttle to the race.
I was nervous, but no so much as I was EXCITED about the race. All the runners walking around, seeing their bibs, their gear, their CALVES, was...overwhelming.  All this time I had been focusing on the half marathon, that I completely forgot there was a full marathon going on as well.
The weather was PERFECT. It was about 65 degrees, no wind. The 5k started first, and we cheered on the runners.Next, we found our corral. We went to the 11 minute mile corral, even though we can usually start off at a 8:45 or 9 minute mile. As the race started, I was overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with excitement, and disbelief that I was actually doing this.
The first four miles were cake. I stuck to my 4:1 and felt great. Mile 6 was challenging, but exciting because I knew I was halfway finished. 7-9 were starting to get harder. There were less people in the park cheering, and that was hard. But, every time I would start to feel exhaustion set in, we would come up on another group of people with their witty signs, yelling and screaming for us to keep going. It worked, everytime. At mile 10, I was very tired, I opted for the gatorade instead of water. I knew my sugar was low. I didn’t use the gel they were passing out because I didn’t want to gag. Mile 11, I pushed myself to keep going. When I reached 12, my goal was to run until I reached the finish line. I almost made it, but I had to walk a few seconds. When I reached the baseball stadium, I was completley exhausted, but then I heard my husband yell my name, and it gave me that last boost I needed to make it to the end. At the end, I made it in 2:30:40. I had no time goal for this race, but I was satisfied

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